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The possibilities are endless, please contact me for finding the right artwork for you
"Well Rounded"

Each photograph is part of a Limited Edition of 33 prints, over different sizes.


XL, L and M and a few artists proofs. On request larger prints starting at 58 cm will be made with a limit of 3.

A certificate of authenticity is provided with your limited edition, stating title, size, serial number, paper and ink used, date it was printed, artist name and signature stamped with the artists name in Japanese. The certificate is linked to the original by a square artist Rakkan-in stamp, a special stamp indicating an artist’s signature. The square stamp has the name “Marieke” written in Chinese Characters from right to left. Half of this stamp will be on the certificate and the other half is stamped onto the original print.


The meaning of the name “Marieke” written this way, has a special meaning;


“Ma” means Picture and Truth

“Rie” means Sense and Principle

“Ke” means Spirit, Mind and Feeling


All the information on the print is hidden behind the passe-partout.

Wooden Frames

The wooden frames are made especially for Marieke. These frames are hand made by the wood artist Dimitar Dochev, who resides on the island of Terschelling. Frames are available in Black Matte Finish, Natural Oak and Natural Purple Heart.

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